Our Approach


Our Approach To Skills Development

Our unique offering ensures that your business stays healthy and ahead of the skills shortage

  • Does your business have a skills shortage?
  • Do you know what that shortage is?
  • Do you know if your business has a skills shortage?
  • If you do have a skills gap, do you know how to close it?

We understand that every business needs to be healthy in order to be successful. We want to help your business to be healthy, by making sure that your staff are skilled, and know how to use their skills in their everyday work.

Our approach:


Understanding YOUR business and the specific set of skills required in your business.

  • What are your key business objectives?
  • What is your business required to spend on skills development in a financial year?
  • Do you know what your staff are saying to your customers?
  • Do your sales people know how to communicate and sell effectively?
  • Do your customer-facing staff understand how to identify opportunities and/or resolve conflict?

Prevention is better than cure

By creating guidelines and aligning job specifications and skills requirements, we can ensure that hiring staff is simpler in the future.

Our team can assist with onboarding new staff as and when they are hired, to ensure that the skills that they are bringing into your business are being applied in line with your business’s policies and procedures.

This may include creation of a new employee handbook, managers handbook, and induction program for new employees.

We suggest regular health checks. These will assist to ensure that your Workplace Skills Plan is being carried out correctly, and that the skills that your staff have been trained on are being actively applied in the business.