Workplace Readiness

School Leaver Workplace Readiness Course

School’s done, and it’s time for you to get out there into the workforce… but are you equipped for this?

  • Do you know how to write your CV?
  • What do you do at an interview?
  • Do you know what will be expected of you by an employer?
  • Do you know how to manage your finances after your first paycheck?
  • Do you have the communication skills to manage in the workplace?

Our School-Leaver Workplace Readiness Course addresses all the above questions and many more!

We’d like to get you ready by equipping you with the fundamental skills, knowledge and confidence to go out there, get a great job, and be a success in the corporate world!

Course Overview

Module 1

Written and Verbal Communication (2 Days)

  • Business writing for a specific audience and purpose
  • Drafting written documents to improve clarity and correctness
  • Respond correctly and sensitively as a listener
  • Formulate own responses in line with communication received
  • Use strategies to be an effective speaker

Module 2

Organisational Ethics (1 Day)

  • Understanding a Code of Conduct
  • Understanding the ethical fundamentals in a business
  • Understanding how to handle deviations from codes of conduct and standard ethical practices

Module 3

Time Management & Personal Effectiveness

  • Plan and organise your workload
  • Maintain files and records
  • Identify time management principles
  • Drawing up time-efficient work plans
  • Implementing time-efficient work plans

Module 4

Handling Telephone Calls (1 Day)

  • Answering calls in line with best business practices
  • Fundamentals of communicating telephonically
  • Planning and executing outgoing telephone calls
  • Standard telephone etiquette on answering calls, transferring calls and making calls
  • Dealing with rude or abusive customers

Module 5

Business-related Maths & Calculations (2 Days)

  • Using mathematics in the management of the needs of everyday living to become a self-managing person
  • Collecting, organizing and presenting data
  • Using probability and statistics to solve problems and make decisions in the working world

Module 6

Business Professionalism (1 Day)

  • How to present yourself professionally
  • Handling your first day at your new job
  • Conducting yourself day-to-day in a business environment

Module 7

Job Searching, CV Writing & Preparing for an Interview (2 Days)