A vital part of any company’s success is preparing new staff to enter the workforce and function with a clear understanding of the business’s offering, policies and procedures, and expectations of them as employees.

All too often, companies hire new people but do not set them up for success – this requires a solid onboarding process.

Onboarding could include any of the following:

  • Checklists for planning for the arrival of a new employee
  • Welcome packs for new employees
  • Signing of all required contracts and documentation
  • Introduction of employees to all staff and role-players
  • Creation of an employees’ handbook
  • Health and Safety briefing
  • Explanation of all company policies and procedures
  • Setting of clear goals and outlines for the first 90 days of employment
  • A clear understanding of expected outcomes or KPI’s
  • Training on products or service offerings
  • One-on-one feedback within the first 90 days

We believe that onboarding is a vital part of the HR and training processes in a business and should not be overlooked. We can assist with creating a customised onboarding plan for your business.