An internship is conducted on the clients’  premises, and combines traditional classroom learning with work-based learning and experience. An internship is ideal for a business who would like to offer a learning opportunity but also has a productivity requirement. This means that a learner would complete a Skills Programme (consisting of 5 or more unit standards), and then would work in the workplace at any time that learning is not taking place.

The objective of an internship is that the learner gains vital theoretical knowledge, but also learns in the workplace through experience.

Internships would have a fixed term of usually 1 year, in which the learner will be placed on a fixed-term contract. Thereafter, it would be the decision of the employer whether they would want to absorb the intern as a permanent employee.

Internships allow the employer to obtain additional points on their BBBEE scorecard, as the Skills Programme that the learners undergo is SETA-accredited.
Additional points will also be awarded for absorption at the end of the fixed term.

We can assist you with developing an internship plan, recruiting, contracting and facilitating training for an internship in your business.